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Apart Hotel is the first apartment complex in Tomsk opened its doors in 2017. Friendly administrators, fresh design and affordable price - all this makes the complex one of the best offers for international guests in Tomsk.

Goals and objectives

The goal was to create a powerful brand of the hotel and to provide the company with a stream of incoming appeals from potential customers. The resulting tasks include creation of a logo, selection of company colors, creation of branded symbols, creation of a modern website and full customization of the advertising company.

Naming, logo

The beginning of work on inventing the name for the company was a brainstorm, when a creative team assembles and puts dozens of variants of the names for a new company. These names correspond to the specified conceptual requirements and convey the spirit of the company. There were few basic requirements:

  • Minimalism
  • Association with something new and modern
  • Clarity to the client and memorability


Analytics, content, the structure of the future site and the prototype are the most important steps in the process of building an effective product, on which the site will "sell" (itself, the company, services). The result of the design phase of the site is an interactive prototype, an example of which is presented below. According to the prototype, the client will be able to get a detailed idea of ​​the content of the future site.



We invited a professional photographer to photograph the interiors of the complex. As a result of the photo session, the best pictures were selected, which were later placed on the site as a gallery, as well as background pictures. After all, this site is not about any apartments, but very specific.


The design of the site was created on the basis of a ready-made prototype and elaborated stylistics. It was of fundamental importance to create a design that completely solved all the tasks assigned to the project. So the main page of the site was realized, and behind it all the rest.


Layout and assembly

Making the site convenient in navigation, it is important not to miss such important details today as pleasant animations with scrolls, interactivity, responsiveness. Our team combined these tasks in one project.

Online advertising

Before the launch of the site, the development of an advertising campaign in the Yandex and Google network was already in full swing, and work on promotion in social networks was launched.


Comprehensive work to create a good site and an advertising campaign led to the fact that in the first days of the project launch there were already applications for settlement.

Now a comprehensive analysis of traffic is conducted, work is being done on errors, the advertising strategy is being improved. There are all new ideas for expanding and attracting the target audience. But more on that later ...


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