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Creating an interactive prototype of the future site is an important part of the process, helping us and the client to finally form an understanding of the functional blocks and structure of the site pages. For the site of the business center, it was decided to make the main blocks of the main page of the site interchangeable.


Main page

One of the most important requirements for a modern site is the ability to conveniently view it from any device from which the user enters. Flexible site scaling for devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones) not only includes the optimal change in proportions, but also takes into account the peculiarities of various models of interface management.

  • Animated slider

    The design of the banners is made in the form of a collage of photos of the building's facade and photo of interior spaces / staircases. The main screen tells about the key advantages of the Business Center and gives a catchy beautiful picture.

  • Description of Business Center

    Short description with key advantages. The description of the Business Center includes all the advantages that advantageously emphasize for the client the advantages and prospects of cooperation with the center.

    The description includes advantageous parameters of the business center "Red Banner", such as transport accessibility, large parking and others. Composition is complemented by animated counters.

  • What services does the business center offer?

    Navigation on the services of the Business Center in the form of presentable photos and description of the advantages of these services.

  • Benefits

    Prestigious, safe, convenient, accessible - the main parameters by which a potential client will choose an office. A set of advantages with simple icons.

  • Capabilities

    The opportunities offered by the Business Center to employees of companies that work here are highlighted.

  • Photo Gallery

    We had 3 photo sessions and the best photos were captured in this gallery.

  • Location and contacts

    The business center is located at a convenient traffic junction.

  • Application form

    We leave an opportunity to contact us or immediately leave a request.


Interactive and convenient

In order to respond in a convenient form to the user the question "What free offices do you have?" we clearly illustrated each floor and programmed the functional allowing the manager of the Business Center to mark occupied areas. Thus, visitors to the site always see relevant information on available areas.


Beautiful unique illustrations, for example, the scheme of the hall, successfully emphasize the advantages of the services of the business center. They emphasized the illustrations and worked on the design in such a way that the site was remembered by the visitor, as well as the Business Center "Krasnoye znamya".

Схема зала


After the creation of a modern presentation site, an advertising campaign was set up in Yandex and Google and targeted traffic was launched. Visitors who come from advertising are immediately sent to the appropriate page of the service of interest, and then some of them are converted into an application or a call. The result of this project was a constant stream of applications for the services of the Business Center and bringing the number of leased offices to more than 95% of the fullness.

The presence of the flow of incoming requests allows the Business Center to gradually improve the quality of tenants, increase the cost of the square and the profitability of the facility.

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